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Modern and contemporary kitchens are all about sleek, minimalist design with smooth “slab doors” free of intricate detailing. This clean and uncluttered look defines modern design, imbuing spaces with simplicity and elegance. What sets them apart is their ability to incorporate diverse door finishes and accents. Popular techniques include contrasting colors or textured woodgrain finishes to add depth and personality while maintaining essential simplicity. In essence, modern and contemporary kitchens blend clean lines, understated surfaces, and creative finishes for a visually captivating and sophisticated culinary haven.


Handleless kitchens are versatile and stylish, perfect for compact or spacious spaces. Achieving a contemporary and minimalist look, they avoid trend limitations. Methods like the Gola Rail Handleless trim, push-pull catches, or J-Pull handles eliminate visible hardware. They suit various finishes, from painted hues to glossy options. These designs offer simplicity, sophistication, and a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Whether it’s a cosy nook or a grand kitchen, handleless kitchens provide a timeless, chic, and ultra-modern ambience.


Traditional or “shaker” style kitchens, painted in light, natural hues, exude timeless charm. The quintessential shaker style features a five-piece panel door for a harmonious blend of simplicity and craftsmanship. It can also be a singular frame design for a seamless appearance. What defines traditional kitchens is their rich character and attention to detail. Exposed hinges, like those in our Laura Ashley range, add historical charm. Traditional kitchens offer a warm and enduring atmosphere with a soothing colour palette, making them a beloved choice for a timeless kitchen setting.

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